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Tokyo Bigsight in Japan, 30th Dec. 2003,
Comic Market West area block, 12-b

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--- the bellow sites in Japanese Language only ---
the site "Hanekko Club" for ntt-docomo i-mode
the site "Hanekko Club" for PC, Mac, or not


This site will presents a exhibition of my contents (pictures, sotwares, essays, GIF images for mobile background, docomo i-APPLIs, cute web pages and so on) for mobiles, PC and Mac. A Japanese word, "Hanekko" means for a human beings with any wing. While, I think that a word, "wing" means for any future possibility. So, a yunger will have any big wing. My character, "Hanekko" is a cute girl with wings and most people that see her may be healed by har. Now, my site supports for docomo mobile and some kinds of PDAs in Japanese language.

CD-ROM,"Hanekko Club 2003 Winter" (500yen) Stock: 10 only

Free offer a CD-ROM, "Hanekko Club 2003 Summer" to the customers that buy the this one.

CD-ROM, "Hanekko Club 2003 Summer" (500yen) Stock: less than 10!

This CD-ROM includes the original plug-ins that I offer only in Comic Market!

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